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About Car Insurance 

Good car insurance provides protection for drivers of passenger vehicles like sedans, SUVs, pickups and vans. Should there be some kind of covered loss, whether it is from an accident or some type of other unexpected occurrence, an insured vehicle can be safeguarded under this kind of coverage. Arguably one of the biggest benefits of auto insurance is the peace of mind drivers have in knowing that they need not worry about exorbitant out-of-pocket costs for repairs or replacement of their vehicles. 

Who needs it?

Anyone who owns and/or operates a motor vehicle is mandated to obtain auto insurance. Others may be added to a policy as well, with the okay of the policyholder. Those who are leasing vehicles from dealers or from financial institutions are also mandated to purchase car insurance. 

How it functions:

Car insurance is normally in effect for a designated period of time, usually six months or a year. At the end of the period, the policyholder is then obligated to renew the insurance in a timely fashion. Should a policyholder be involved in an accident or have some other damage-causing event occur, he or she can then make a claim for financial compensation. It is incumbent upon the one who files the claim to do his or her best to provide evidence, like police reports, photographs and potential video footage to back up said claim.

Kinds of coverage:

The most common and normally legally necessary coverage is liability coverage, which covers medical expenses that are a direct consequence of an accident. No matter who is at fault in a collision, liability coverage compensates for injuries incurred to all drivers and passengers involved. Comprehensive coverage is for damage resulting from events other than collisions, such as fire, flooding, severe weather, theft and even vandalism. Collision insurance is engineered to pay for repairs to a vehicle's body, chassis and mechanical parts due to, you guessed it, a collision.

Big benefits:

Good car insurance has the big plus of providing drivers a sense of peace of mind in knowing that they are protected should their vehicles be damaged or should injury occur. By obtaining this kind of insurance policy, one can save on exorbitant out-of-pocket costs on repairs at body shops. Automotive insurance also is available with such benefits as roadside assistance and towing and even help with car rentals, to name a just a few.

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