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What it is:

Hurricane insurance is a very specific kind of protection package that focuses on the damage and the medical bills that occur from hurricane events. Hurricane protection programs are most prevalent in the locations where hurricanes are most likely to occur. The insurance covers personal damage and property damage. Owning a hurricane protection program may be required in order to own real estate in certain areas that are likely to experience hurricanes.

Who it is for:

Having a hurricane protection program is a good investment for people who own real estate in a place that is likely to have a hurricane come through it. As stated before, it may even be a legal requirement in some municipalities that are known to have hurricane weather. However, it is also a good investment for people who are property owners outside of those particular municipalities. Any real estate owner without the cash on hand to protect him or herself from large disasters may want to look into hurricane protection insurance.

How it works:

Hurricane protection insurance pays the owner of the real estate or property that is damaged a lump sum to fix the damage that the hurricane causes. The damage that is reported on the claim must match the damage that is actually incurred on the property. The insurance company will likely check behind the claim in order to make sure that it is valid for paying out any sum of money.


Different types of coverage in existence:

There are different kinds of hurricane protection programs in existence. Some are made in conjunction with municipalities where the hurricane protection program is a legal requirement for owning real estate. Other private programs are made strictly between the owner of the real estate and the insurance company.



The major benefit of having a hurricane protection program is the ability to maintain a cash flow within a piece of real estate. Otherwise, the owner would be responsible for any damage that occurs from a hurricane. The owner would also have to pay out-of-pocket for any medical expenses and property damage outside of his or her own property.

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