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Word Origin and History for sap. Expand. n "liquid in a plant," Old English sæp m from Proto-Germanic *sapam (cf. Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, Dutch sap, Old High German saf, German Saft "juice"), from PIE *sab- "juice, fluid" (cf. Latin sapere "to taste"), from root *sab- "juice, fluid" (cf. Sanskrit sabar- "sap, milk, . SAPsWord - Free SAP Learning Documents and notes, SAP Trainings offered, SAP business and SAP projects. Comments & Suggestions. Click here to Leave Comments & Suggestions about this website. Learn SAP PP/PPPI here for free: Below is the index to the Learning material: Author: Ulhas Kavle: Senior SAP Logistics Consultant - Mahindra Satyam - India.

Sap definition is — Define sap: the fluid part of a plant; specifically: a watery solution that circulates through a plant's vascular systemDefine sap: the fluid part of a plant; See words that rhyme with sap Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for sap Spanish Central: Translation of sap Nglish: Translation of sap for Spanish. Corgi x Weekly Word Watch: Windrush generation, dorgi, and Beychella. Fist pop art x Vibranium is the anti-kryptonite: an empowering lexical development. Book pages heart shape x Quiz: match the lines to the poem. Quoth header x What in the Word?! 'Quoth', the last bequest of ' queath'. ME sap-, to taste, perceive > L sapere, to taste, know; (sense 4) Word Frequency. sap in American 2. (sæp ; sap). noun. 1. an extended, narrow trench for approaching or undermining an enemy position or fortification. verb transitiveWord forms: sapped or.

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